In a city that doesn't sleep
07/10/12 at 2:24am
Anonymous asked:
Why do people take your addiction so lightly? As if it's something good? As if it's something that would be good to have? It's an addiction. You suffer from it. I'm sure, like every other addict, you wish you didn't have it. That you could just have regular sex like every other person without trying to get that "fix". Without NEEDING it. To have sex just because you like the person, not because you HAVE to have some sort of release, no matter how that's achieved. It's a disease and I'm sorry.

…Most people don’t know about it. In fact, most of the people I sleep with are clueless as to just how—deep the rabbit hole goes. I’m a good lay. Practice helps. My nights with strangers that don’t ask questions beyond what I’m going to do to them in bed have no idea.

But I just…

I guess people don’t think it’s an addiction. They don’t think it’s possible for pleasure to be truly addictive. I’ve seen the way people are treated, when they say they have an addiction. I’ve seen the way other sex addicts are treated. It gets laughed off. “You’re just really horny, so what?” sort of thing. I never know what to think.

It’s sex. It’s not physically detrimental, it’s not biologically poisonous, and it’s not brain damaging, like meth or alcohol. “Real” addictions. It’s pleasure. So I guess people don’t think it can ruin you. I guess… 

They can’t see it as a big deal. Everyone wants to get off, right? It’s only when getting off starts to become a habit that it can even be interruptive. 

Point is, pleasure is good, right? So people must wonder why sex addiction would be a bad thing.

…Thanks. You’re one of the first people that knows about it to take it seriously, for what it is.

  1. they-call-me-professor-x said: Not everyone has sex for pleasure. I assume an addiction coincides on that level.
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